Kelt-Tec Sub2000


If you’re wanting a gun that reaches distance but doesn’t need a suitcase to haul around, the Sub-2000 is the gun you need! Kel-Tec did a marvelous job with this weapon by keeping it affordable. You can obviously wring more potential out of it with some good upgrades, but that’s the genius! You’re getting a foldable rifle for less than many popular pistols. With those savings, it’s cheaper and easier to chip away at upgrading where you think it makes the most sense. The end result, upgraded or not, is a packable, quality, shooter.

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The SUB2000 offers the best of both worlds. Yes, it’s a pistol caliber, however the ballistic advantage and accuracy at distance come from the 16″ barrel. Barrel length translates to velocity which translates to power downrange. You’ll get the most out of your pistol ammunition right out of the box. The semi-automatic SUB2000 is designed to be the most convenient 9mm or .40 caliber rifle available. It’s adjustable and foldable to 16.25 x 7 inches for easy storage and can accept most popular handgun magazines. Plus it can easily be disassembled for cleaning or inspection without tools. Ideal for backpacking trips and situations where space and convenience are paramount.


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