Crimson Trace Red Dot Scope


The idea behind this sight is similar to that of most low power fixed magnification sights: provide enough magnification to ID and engage smaller or partially obscured targets at mid-range, but low enough magnification to have an adequate field of view for up close target transitions. The majority of optics in this category range from 3x-5x and have a BDC reticle. The CTS-1100 is fixed at 3.5x and also includes a BDC reticle, which I will discuss a bit more later on. Another common feature of sights in this category are integral mounts, which the CTS-1100 also has.

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The CTS-1100 Electronic Sight is an Illuminated 3.5x Battlesight for rifles and carbines. Featuring 3.5x magnification and a fully illuminated hybrid BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) reticle, the CTS-1100 provides a superior field of view for engaging targets at close, mid-range and long distances, elevating your long gun’s performance instantly. Installed in seconds by utilizing an integrated M1913 Picatinny rail mount, the CTS-1100 boasts a rugged design for years of use.


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